Rental Kimono “Komon”


普段着 色無地 男のきもの
こどものきもの 訪問着・付下げ その他オプション

We offer you …

A full kimono set. You don’t have to
buy or prepare anything to wear it.

Click“ Kimono set” for more information

The same rental charge of
9,800yen for any kimono we have.

Help dressing in the kimono for free as
long as you change in the shop. Come to
the shop, choose a kimono, change and go!

Click“ Flowchart to rent a kimono” for more information

Coordinated kimonos
by kimono-professionals.

Click here to see kimonos we have

No laundry required. We do all the
cleaning after you return them.

Click“ Guide for the first time” for more information


普段着きもの よそいききもの 男のきもの
きものの選び方 セット内容
レンタルの流れ ご利用ガイド

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